Audio only: Carbon Taxes and Climate Policy

NPR’s On Point, May 20, 2014: Tom Ashbrook interviews James Hansen, me, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Marlo Lewis.


The Economics of Climate Change

A March 2013 interview with University of Massachusetts-Lowell Professor Juliette Rooney-Varga, as part of the campus Climate Change Initiative, broadcast on local television by the Lowell Telecommunications Corporation. In this interview Frank Ackerman frames the problems of climate change and climate policy in economic terms, explaining why new methods of economic analysis are needed to understand the dimensions of this uniquely complicated problem.


Pricing Carbon Conference

In November 2010, academics, policymakers, activists and students gathered at Wesleyan University’s Pricing Carbon conference to discuss the economic, political, and moral arguments for pricing carbon, as well as lessons from other efforts around the world to tax carbon and/or create a carbon market. In this video, Frank Ackerman explains why putting a price on carbon is crucial, and discusses good and bad ways to approach the task.


Capitalism, Energy, and Climate Change

at Occupy Boston’s Free School University on October 9, 2011.

Can We Afford the Future? The Economics of a Warming World

There is no question that global warming exists, but there is little action among the government and society at large to take steps to combat it. Economist Frank Ackerman argues that the standard economic models used to calculate the global cost of protection, versus the cost of destruction of the planet, focus on an incomplete cost-benefit analysis. Hosted by Boston University’s Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future.

Nicholas Stern on the new economics of climate change

On March 8, 2011, Frank Ackerman interviewed Nicholas Stern on current issues in climate economics.

Cap and Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

The Waxman-Markey bill and other proposals debated in Congress in 2009-2010 would have created cap-and-trade mechanisms for carbon dioxide emissions permits in the United States. At the U.N. climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, Frank Ackerman joined Larry Lohmann from Corner House in a Democracy Now! TV debate on the pros and cons of cap-and-trade. See parts 1 and 2 below (start at 3:30 in part 1).

Turning Nature into a Number (link to video)
St. Olaf College, Minnesota, February 2012. Overview of ecoomics and environment. 74 minutes.