Macroeconomics and Crisis

I wrote at least one article per month for Dollars & Sense magazine, usually on macroeconomic issues, from 1974 through 1982. At the time, all articles in the magazine were unsigned. The two books listed here were based on my work at Dollars & Sense.


Tienanmen Square monument

Tienanmen Square (photo by Frank Ackerman)

Hazardous to our Wealth: Economic Policies in the 1980’s
Frank Ackerman. South End Press (1984).

Reaganomics: Rhetoric vs. Reality
Frank Ackerman. South End Press (1982).


What’s Left of the Economy?
Frank Ackerman. (2012).

The Economics of Collapsing Markets
Frank Ackerman. Real-World Economics Review (2008).

Securing Social Security: Sensitivity to Economic Assumptions and Analysis of Policy Options
Brian Roach and Frank Ackerman. Global Development and Environment Institute (2005).

If We Had a Theory of Political Ecology, What Would it Look Like?
Frank Ackerman. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (2000).